Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Do You Love Your Fireplace But Hate The Mess? by Nick ...

by: Nick Messe

If you live in the Midwest, specifically in the Chicago area, you are very familiar with the harsh cold winters and cool summer evenings the climate can bring. These conditions can bring a chill even into the most modern and well insulated home. Have you ever desired the warmth of a roaring fire in your existing fireplace or dreamed of having a fireplace, but don't want to deal with the mess? A solution would be to contact a prominent chimney cleaning service.

A chimney cleaning, chimney repair and fireplace repair company can offer services that range from simple cleaning to installing gas log units. These modern conveniences can be installed almost anywhere in your home. In addition to that, your existing traditional wood-burning fireplace can be wonderfully converted into a clean-burning gas fireplace. There are many benefits in switching to a gas log oriented fireplace that you might want to consider.

Gas log units require no wood so that means no more hauling or the ordeal of ordering wood to be delivered and stacked. These fireplaces are hassle free to light. With the flip of a switch or a click of a remote, you can have the warmth and instant ambiance of a traditional fireplace. Think about how nice it would be to come home on a chilly evening and instantly have a warm fire.

Gas fireplaces are virtually maintenance free. For the homeowner, there is no more need to clean up the ashes and debris left from a wood-burning fireplace. In addition, if you or others in your family suffer from allergies or asthma, gas log fireplace units can alleviate symptoms. It is a well-known fact that wood smoke is capable of producing particles in the air that could irritate the lungs and trigger allergy or asthma attacks.

As wood stoves and fireplaces are the primary source of wood smoke pollution indoors, these can actually be a health hazard. With a reduction to exposure from wood stove and fireplace emissions, purchasing a gas log unit is not only economical, but also healthful. Even if you don't already have an existing built-in fireplace and crave the warmth and atmosphere, a gas fireplace can easily fulfill your desires.

An experienced Chicago chimney cleaning, chimney repair and fireplace repair company have the knowledge and capabilities to install your personal gas unit to your specifications. These units are considered to be a decorator's dream by today's standards. They are featured in many model homes and are a great focal point in almost every upscale home design. By installing a gas log fireplace in your household, you can not only save money on your heating costs, but also add equity value to your home's worth.
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