Tuesday, December 16, 2014

When Do You Call A Gas Furnace Service To Get Your ...

by: Jeff Schuman

Do you know when it is smart to call a gas furnace service to fix your furnace? Most people don't even think about it until they have to, but it is always wise to know when you should call in the professionals for help.

There are many instances that will require the help of a professional. Sometimes you will be able to fix the furnace on your own if the problem is simple, but not always.

The following are the instances that will require you to make a call for a furnace service to come help you.

One: Your furnace has stopped producing heat - This problem can be due to a control valve that is closed, thermostat that is faulty, tripped circuit, blown fuse, or a pilot light that is out.

Some of these problems may be easily fixed by you, but it is smart to call in a professional. The reason is because you are dealing with a gas furnace and if you don't have experience with this, then trying to fix it can be dangerous.

The professionals know how to check each of these things to help them locate what the problem is being caused by so it can be easily repaired.

Two: Insufficient heat from the furnace - The causes for this problem are: the blower being occluded, blower belt being loose, burner is dirty or the filter is dirty.

These problems can occur at the same time, which can cause insufficient heat. You want to check the filter to make sure that is not the problem, but for the others, be smart and let the professionals handle it, unless you have experience with gas furnaces.

Three: Furnace keeps going on and off - If you are experiencing a furnace that keeps switching on and off before heating your home to the desired temperature, then this may be a good time to call a furnace service.

This problem can be caused by a clogged blower, overly dry motor or a filter that is dirty. Again, since you are dealing with a gas furnace, it is safer for you and your family to let the professionals handle it.

Four: Pilot light will not come on - You can check this at the bottom of the furnace, but don't try and relight it until you know what is causing the problem. This can be caused by a pilot opening that is clogged, insufficient gas flow from an improperly set gas valve or even a damaged thermocouple.

Gas furnaces can be dangerous for anyone that doesn't have experience with them. For any of the above situations, you need to be smart and call a gas furnace service for help. This is the safest way to ensure your furnace is working correctly.
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