Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Today's Heating And Air Conditioning Units Are Amazing by ...

by: Nick Messe

Today's heating and cooling units seem like they can do anything. Heating is a far cry from chopping wood and stoking the fire all night long. Likewise air conditioning equipment and technology has come a long way since opening or closing your doors and windows was the only choice. Today's heating and air conditioning contractors have to be prepared to handle many different types of air conditioning and heating units.

Whether doing heating and air conditioning repair or installation, these heating and air conditioning contractors now need to have knowledge of many amazing products. One such product is a two-stage furnace. This type of furnace comes with a gas valve that will provide heat based on the weather conditions. It provides more even heating throughout the home and allows the temperature to stay close to the thermostat setting.

Another innovative product in the world of air conditioning is ultraviolet cooling coil sterilization. This is a UV lamp that bathes its light on the cooling coil and includes germicides, which helps keeps the surface clean as well as providing cleaner air to breathe. These lamps need to be replaced once a year, but otherwise there is no other maintenance required.

There are also what are known as variable speed heat pumps that today's heating and air conditioning contractors must know how to install and repair. A variable speed unit is one that has a fan coil or furnace that features a blower motor that adjusts the fan speed automatically according to the need for humidity control, heating, or cooling. These units typically result in more consistent temperatures and also operate very quietly and efficiently.

Another advance in heating and air conditioning technology is the set-back thermostat. This is an electronic unit that comes with a built-in program that allows the user to program different temperatures at different times of the day. A continuous fan is another innovative system in which the fan of a heating or cooling unit runs consistently, rather than just when the heat or air is running. This leads to optimal comfort and air quality in the home. Many units now also include a built-in humidifier. This will add water vapor to heated air as it leaves the furnace, protecting your furniture and reducing static electricity.

Another device that heating and air conditioning repair people will have to be familiar with is an electronic air cleaner. This electronic device filters out contaminants and large airborne particles in a home. The unit will then pull out smaller airborne particles, such as bacteria and viruses, and draw them into a collector plate. There is almost nothing that today's heating and cooling units can't do.

Whether you need heating and air conditioning repair or a whole new air conditioning or heating unit, your local heating and air conditioning contractor will be ready to help you. They have the experience and knowledge you need in working with all types of air conditioning and heating units. Whether you need an electronic air cleaner repaired or installed, a unit with a humidifier, or a set back thermostat, skilled technicians have the skills to handle it all. There is not much today's heating and air conditioning units can't do.
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